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Toronto Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions.

Toronto Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions:

To boost the safety of your home, it is important to update your security system. Some of the most common questions with regard to locks, keys, and home security solutions are listed below.

  • How many duplicate keys do I need?

It’s ideal to keep a minimum of three keys to serve your family needs. Place one in your office and two in different regions of your home. Never keep a house key in your car. It is wise to store one in your bag.

  • Should I change my locks and keys from time to time?

Locks and keys are robust and built to last a long time. However, you should change all of them if you have lost either lock or key or both. This is the best solution to ward off security breaches.

  • My keys have been stolen. Do I need to replace the locks in my home?

Not necessary. Through a process that is called re-keying, there is no need to replace locks. During this unique process, the tumblers in the locks are replaced with different sizes, following which you will be given a new key that coincides with the novel tumblers. Needless to say, the old key will not function.

  • Is there a possibility of cutting keys from a specific number?

In some cases, keys and replacement keys may be obtained from locksmith service providers through a lock code number. You do not have to provide a proof of ownership before cutting a key through a code.

  • Should I use WD-40 for lubricating home locks?

We don’t recommend WD-40 as it can have an interaction with water and thus result in corrosion. We recommend a silicon-based lubricant for your home locks.

  • Can security alarms be used as a lock substitute?

That depends on how much you trust wireless technology. We recommend installing both to ensure peace of mind. Also, do not underestimate the efficiency of traditional locks.

  • Which are the best locks?

Dead bolts are the most preferred type of locks these days. Ensure that your locks have 3-inch long bolts.

  • Should I replace locks before going on a vacation?

Intruders find it easy to break into vacant homes. Hence, most burglaries occur in summer. Specialists recommend re-keying or replacing the door locks before leaving. In addition, you could also install motion light detectors or wireless security systems.

  • I have been locked out. What do I do while I wait for assistance?

Always keep your phone handy. Don’t tamper any object that is part of your door lock. Rely on the locksmith. Experts arrive soon; therefore, do not tinker things.

  • Is there one master key for all locks?

All keys may be keyed in a similar manner if all the locks are of the same brand. You can try by inserting the common key in every lock, and if the insertion is successful, a single master key can be created.

We hope these FAQs answered most, if not all, of your queries.

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