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High Security Locks.

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High Security Locks vs. Other Locks

High Security Locks by

High security lock installation and repair services:

Toronto Locksmith is here to help you install, repair and replace high security locks in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our technicians are experienced in commercial and residential properties.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution that will last and keep you safe. One of our locksmith technician will educate you on the best option for your property and you will make an informed decision on which product you want to go with.

Our locksmith trucks are equipped with all the products and necessary tools to get the job done on the spot, whether this is an emergency or something you have been thinking of getting done, we have a 30 minute response time in most cases. We carry high end brands to ensure that our quality is not compromised. We use high quality tools to make sure the job gets done quick, clean and long lasting.

Our technician will usually present all the security options we deem necessary to keep your property safe.

Toronto Locksmith has worked with some of Canada’s biggest companies and many residential properties. Our company is reputable and we have many references to back us up.

Why should you choose to go with a high security door lock?

There are many reasons high security locks are better than your average lock in terms of safety and user experience.

Main reasons include:

  • The keys cannot be copied so if you only have 1 key, that means that 1 person can open your lock.
  • Its practically impossible to pick a high security door lock.
  • High security door locks prevent you from being able to drill through the lock.

We make sure to make you door kick proof:

We install a plate on the door which makes it impossible to kick the door or tempare with your latch through the use of cards and other tools that can pick your lock.

Other high security services offered by Toronto-Locksmith:

  • Camera based intercom systems
  • Security plates
  • Key FOB systems
  • CCTV
  • Keypads for your door
  • Door repair

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